Posted on February 01 2018

Brrrr.....I'm glad to be inside after cold weather like this! Lucky for me my hands aren't frozen to type ;) If you are at home all warm and cozy; definitely take a look at all the unique selection from ART to MIZ MOOZ to AS98 and more. Keep your feet happy and your wallet...Haha! 


Everyone who knows "ART", knows they are super duper comfortable! With it's rubber heels and supportive structure; their boots and shoes are definitely a must-have ;)  Just take a look at this boot on sale:

"Harlem 0945" is simple, yet intriguing. That gorgeous blue colour with the accent of white can be worn with a variety of colours! Match it with shades of red, grey, purples and many more. It even has a comfortable platform to give more support to your feet and they are beautifully handmade in Spain. Now who says you can't have both fashion and I right?! 

SALE PRICE: $195.00 

REG PRICE: $270.00 


Winter is ALL about the boots. Us humans don't hibernate; we still like to go out, work and have fun! And MJUS is ALL about FUN! With it's vibrant colours and soft leathers; MJUS really knows how to make unique boots and shoes. 

I mean..check out "Guzzi 605348!" Colourful patchwork, accenting on the details and keeps your wardrobe looking stylish! Handmade in Europe with the softest leathers and made with great craftsmanship and quality. Pair it with a fun dress and leggings, or wear it with some nice denim to make this boot pop out! 

SALE PRICE: $200.00

REG PRICE: $340.00


What's simple yet different; chic yet versatile; and popular to wear to work?....You guessed it! MIZ MOOZ! Styles so cute and comfortable; many ladies LOVE to wear them to work. They are known for being unique while looking sophisticated ;) 

 Say hello to FIDO! The careful detailing of the fringe beautifully accents the buttons. Designed to add style to your everyday outfit; this ankle boot can do no wrong! 



SALE PRICE:$195.00 

REG PRICE:$260.00 


We can't forget about the men too ! 

Made in Portugal with style. They develop unique and sleek styles to suit any of your fashion needs! Whether it is for a casual event or to look on point, NO BRAND has your back. ;) 

I mean just check out this super stylish and sleek style called BEEFER! It is made to dress to impress! This boot is certainly a must-have in our books! 

SALE PRICE: $140.00

REG PRICE: $220.00


For the men who love to stand out and show off their style, AS98 is your go-to brand! Made with such soft leathers and designed with a touch of European flair, their styles are amazing. 

Meet CLASH-401202! Giving the rugged and distressed appeal; this boot is super versatile. Pairs perfectly with dark jeans, adding more character to this style! 




Men can be stylish too! Bunker from Spain has all the newest fashion designs. Made to not only impress but it is also extremely comfortable! 

Check out the POR-L91! Focusing on the little details with the added rugged flair. This boot is great for casual wear! 

SALE PRICE: $110.00

REG PRICE: $210.00


These are just the beginning! To shop more on Sale, check out: 


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