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Posted on August 02 2017

It's that time of year when wedding bells are ringing and celebrations are happening! Weddings are a beautiful occasion, celebrating the unity of two people who wish to spend the rest of their lives together as a loving couple.

Don't worry though, here at Max's we got you covered! (Well, your feet anyway) From Miz Mooz, Gold Button, Lola Ramona, Paradigma, No Brand to AS98, your feet are sure to be as happy as you are ;) We have an extensive assortment of shoes, whether you like it simple or you're feeling' funky. You want to enjoy the wedding without your feet taking a toll. We've got a variety of brands to help make your day feel special! 

Here are some of our favourites that are perfect for that special day:

If you like simplicity with a splash of pizzazz, Miz Mooz is the gal for ya. Extremely comfortable yet fashionable. I mean, just check out these delicacies from this beautiful bride's wedding day!  Don't they look gorgeous on her?!

We are LOVING the beautiful contrast of the purple and pink tones with the yellow shoes; it brings out their uniqueness and really characterizes their style. It speaks simplicity while adding a dash of colour especially for a sunny day.


And of course, if you love to make a statement, Irregular Choice is definitely the go-to ! Unique, fun and fashionable, these shoes can definitely show off your character. Vintage and fun to wear! Weddings are a happy event, and with Irregular Choice, your feet will be dancing along before the day comes ;) 

We love how elegant this style is for this gorgeous bride's wedding day! We love how she paired up simplicity and fun with these beautiful red shoes from Miss L Fire: the way she added those little accents of red in the flowers and the gentleman's tie to match the shoes is genius! 

Not to worry though, we don't cater exclusively for women's shoes! We have a large variety of stylish men's shoes for weddings as well, and they can be jazzy too ;) 

Take this chic pairing of our Paradigma shoes, made in Portugal, with the contrast of this suit on the handsome groom. We love how fun he made his suit for the big day and making it a memorable one! Beautiful leather sole, blake-stitched and made with style to give some class and fashion for your wedding day. 




Bring European flair to your day with AS98; known for their Italian buttery soft leather and their unique style. (You could go matching; HIS and HERS!)


If you are daring enough; jazz yourself up with this Danish designer, Lola Ramona! (Go DOTTY all the way, haha!) 





Or wear one of these GEMS from our Spanish brand, Gold Button for your special day!







If you are a one of a kind lad who is always wanting to stand out, No Brand shoes are for you! Stylish, made in Portugal and the softest leather to cushion your feet all day long. Party on! 

 All in all, weddings are wonderful and magical events, but they can be a bit of a hassle to plan out.  At least, when it comes to footwear, we are here to help you out: whatever you need, for whichever style, we've got it! So if you have an upcoming wedding, come on over and we'll make footwear choice nice and easy with amazing results!  Proof?  It's in the pudding (or pictures) :)


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