Posted on April 28 2016

Its amazing to see that all of the snow has finally melted away and that the signs of true Spring are upon us. Although, it has been a little chilly of late, I will definitely take it compared to Mother Nature's wintery blasts. 

With Spring comes the arrival of one of our favourite brands, which is truly unique and always packs a whole lot of personality and charm. Lola Ramona has been a part of our family since we first opened our little boutique and it continues to leave us in awe of all the splendid designs and styles that arrive, season after season. And I have to say that this season is no exception at all. In true Lola fashion, the bows, polka dots and stripes are as abundant as ever and ready to help you to choose the shoes of your dreams. So go ahead Cinderella and take a gander at this season's Lola Ramona collection. 


There is nothing more elegant than a black and white colour combination, especially when the styles are so classy, charming and are true showstoppers. 

I'm sure you can all see why we fell in love with this firecracker. It showcases all the elements of a true Lola Ramona shoe: polka dots, bows and stripes. In addition to that, the colour is absolutely exquisite. 

As always, you can find all of these stunning shoes in store or on our online shop. Be sure to check out all the other beautiful new arrivals that have arrived for the season. 

Have a fantastic weekend!


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