Posted on April 08 2016

My oh my, Mother Nature is really giving us a wallop with these wintery blasts lately. You can definitely tell that she is wanting to hold onto the winter fashion for a little while longer. Hopefully, the beauties that I'm going to chat about today will convince her to loosen her wintery grip and give us some of that spring fever we're desperately craving. 

You may have noticed some new brands being showcased by Max's this season and I'm sure quite of few of you are thinking "where the heck did these come from?", "where are they from?" and "what are they all about?". Hopefully, this little piece will give you a great introduction to one of these stunning new brands, Brako

Brako is a distant cousin from our favourite and most coveted brands in our store, Gold Button. Both of these exquisite brands hail from the La Rioja region of Spain, which is basically a shoe mecca. Unlike its distant cousin, who prefers to live life on the wilder side, Brako focuses on more subtle expression such as sleek designs, phenomenal cutouts, and vibrant colours. Each style definitely has its own personality and unique charm that is sure to make its way into your heart. :)

Just take a look at the gorgeous shoes we have this season as I'm sure they're able to play at your heartstrings more than anything I can say about them. 


I'm sure that any one of these beauties would make the perfect accompaniment for your wardrobe this season and you'll truly feel like the belle of the ball. 

As always, you can find these styles in store or on our online shop. And here's hoping that these stunning shoes will also melt Mother Nature's icy grip on our city so that we can enjoy that beautiful Spring weather. 

Have a great weekend!



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