Posted on March 24 2016

As per usual, while it is storming something ridiculous outside. I swear Mother Nature just loves to tease us with all the amazing Spring weather and then BAM, here's a snow storm to deal with. Its okay though, I'm just going to live in blissful ignorance of it all and remain in the shoe wonderland that has erupted here. And what better time to showcase some phenomenal styles than on Easter weekend. 

Easter has always been associated with bright colours and chocolate of course and since shoes are kinda like chocolate for your feet, I've decided to write about some colourful shoes. :) 

Starting us off on the right foot are these splendid sandals from L'Artiste. This style pretty much has it all - splashes of vibrant colours, floral accents and impeccable styling. A sandal that is definitely worth snagging for your collection, the "Plato" is incredible. 

Now, I really can't speak about vivid colours without shining a light on Gold Button. Created in the La Rioja region of Spain, these stunning shoes really go from strength to strength each season....and this one is no different! Just take a look at all the beauty below: 


I've already showcased these Turkish delights before, but, how could I not include them in a piece all about colour. Bueno truly knows how to inject some fun and flair into each and every one of their phenomenal styles. 

Up next is completely new brand at Max's. Created in the same region as Gold Button, Brako is all about fresh, clean styling mixed with some unbelievably vivid colours. We're totally in love with them and so happy that we have them in our hands now. 


 Let's face it, we all love to live in a fantasy land now and then or just even head into a daydream of sorts. Although, you can't click any of our shoes three times and head to that place, you can definitely feel like you're living in one with these stunning sandal from ART

Last but definitely not least, I'm ending with a brand that has a super special place in my heart. If any of you know me, you've already guessed it....yes, its AS98. The colours, the styles, the hardware, the fashion, style....I could just go on and on, but I'll let it do all the talking for itself. 

That wraps this week's little article. We hope that you have a very happy and safe Easter weekend. :) As always you can always come visit us in store or on our online shop.



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